A reception desk is the first thing your clients see when they visit your office. It is crucial you make the right impression to your clients while also ensuring that the design of your reception desk is practical and within your business character. Everything from the color and grain of the wood to the position of the chairs tells them about your business.

Increase the longevity of your reception desk by getting a custom made piece. A reception desk is made to order and creates the image you want for your reception area. In the end, you can convey a perfect first impression instead of a faded, tired first impression of worn furniture.

Desk aside, don’t skip the personality. A bland and boring reception area signals that your business is equally unoriginal. Use artwork, live plants, fresh flowers and textures to enhance your client’s impression of your business.

And don’t forget the Lights! It’s no secret that oppressive spaces can transfer the mood of people real quick, so getting your lighting right should be at the top of your checklist. Allowing natural light to enter your reception area is important and make sure there are no desks or bookcases obstructing the windows . If you reception area isn’t in the best position , make sure there is enough artificial lighting to illuminate the space without giving visitors a migraine. Another great trick is to use the colour white, as it allows any available light to bounce around and make the space appear larger.

The quality of your reception area directly influences how those entering your office will view your business. Getting it right will increase your client’s perception of your business and keep those waiting comfortable and content as well as coming back again and again.

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