The process called joinery is a special kind of carpentry that builds items like bookcases, cabinets, doors, windows, stairs and such special items by joining wood without the use of nails. While most people view these items as works of carpenters, those who know view them as works of joinery. Items like these are done in joinery workshops and installed where they belong once finished. The process of carpentry is done in the space where the wood is going to be used. These wood pieces are fitted on site like building or repairing roofs, wood floors and in the installation of woodshop built wood pieces like windows and doors.

The difference between joinery and carpentry involves the building of wood items in a woodshop making nail less joints. Of course, some people would consider joinery as a special training that carpenters can take, and, they would be right since both crafts involve the use of wood in making items and in fixing items. The items made using joinery are usually more expensive since neither nails nor glue is used in putting the joints of joinery products together. These items are sturdier, more impressive and take longer to build.

One hires a carpenter to fix a window or door that is broken. The actual window or door if made by wood, would be built in a woodshop. A carpenter would use nails to fit new wood on to your roof. That wood working process is called carpenter and not joinery. The difference between joinery and carpentry is that joinery is carpentry making joints in wood without the use of nails or of glue. That joinery are wood products built in a wood shop is the biggest difference between joinery and carpentry.

An expert carpenter can use the art of joinery and also the skills and practical application of carpentry. Another obvious difference is that the art of joinery takes longer to master than the skills of carpentry. Learning how to use carpentry on site of a project can be done in short time while learning the art of joinery takes longer and usually with a skilled teacher.

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