Corian is a brand name for a solid surfacing material made by DuPont.

It is man-made and created by combining minerals and acrylics.

It is mainly used as countertops instead of formica. It is more stain resistant and can handle extreme heat of up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Corian is widely used in the food industry, hospitals and retirement homes. It is non-porous, so stains can’t penetrate so easily and will not promote bacteria growth. With proper cleaning and maintenance, Corian is known to resist molds and mildew. Everyday cleaning with hot water and dishcloth sponge is really all you need to maintain your Corian countertop in top shape and in pristine condition. Moreover, soapy water or an ammonia-based cleaner is fine on Corian too.

Of course, this goes without saying that cutting directly on the countertops is not recommended. That is what the butcher block and cutting boards are for.

Corian is essentially easy to maintain and you do not have to reseal anything. Granite needs occasional sealing, while the Corian does not. If Corian develops minor scratches or dents, you can buff them right out. A skilled professional can refinish your Corian countertops to look good as new within an hour or two.

Corian can also be easily integrated into your kitchen seamlessly. It is man-made and created by combining minerals and acrylics. Corian offers more accessories such as integrated sinks and coved blacksplashes. Corian is also easier to get in specific colors than granite.

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