Woodworking joinery is the process of joining together pieces of wood to produce more complex items. The strength, flexibility and toughness of the wooden joints depend on materials used and from how they were joined together. There are various ways on how to do it, but, in general techniques used must be able to meet differing requirements. For example, the joinery used to build our homes I not the same as the one that is used to make puzzle toys, although some concepts overlap.

A tongue and groove joint is one of the many ways you can use to join pieces of woods. It is a remarkable woodwork joint that is connected edge to edge with two or more bits of timber. It is made with one edge comprising of an opening that runs down the whole length of the timber and a tongue which fits into the space. Tongue-and-groove joints prepare flush, level surfaces with no visible nails. The interlocking instrument mechanism restricts excess board movement, bringing about firm stable flooring or cladding. This characteristic is useful in creating a reasonable strong and aesthetically pleasing joint which is commonly used in areas such as floorboards, lining boards, wood paneling and table tops.

Each wood has a slot (the groove) cut along one edge, and a thin deep ridge (the tongue) on the other side of the wood. The tongue appears to be a little less than the depth of the latter. Two or more sorts hence fit out nearly. The joint is not typically stuck, as shrinkage might then pull the tongue off. The tongue with a groove characteristic is not difficult to append together because of its simplicity and it takes into account a tight fit that has a lot of surface range for adhesives.

For many uses, tongue and groove joint have been rendered outdated by the presentation of plywood and later composite wood sheets, however the strategy is still utilized in higher-quality flooring. Plywood might likewise be tongued all round to fit it flush into a surrounded structure, and plywood for sub-floors utilized in platform is frequently supplied with tongue and groove edges.

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