Cabinets come in all sizes and finishes, but most importantly, the materials and construction of cabinetry varies as greatly. Shopping cabinets is like buying a car. There are luxury and economy models you can buy off the shelf or you can have your cabinets custom made by an expert cabinet maker. But knowing ‘which is which’ and what avenue you should take is not always an easy thing. Below we will discuss the differences.

Standard or off-the-shelf kitchen cabinets are usually the least expensive as they are made in quantity with little customisation and with inferior or generic materials. These ‘economy’ type cabinets often use MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) construction with wood and melamine veneers. MDF is not good for shelving as it bows over time when heavier items are loaded on it. Melamine is a thin plastic veneer used for shelving that cleans nicely, but does not hold up to much abuse as it is a soft finish. Sometimes the ‘wood’ veneers are not actually wood, but photographic representations laminated to the substrate, much like counter top laminates.

Custom made kitchen cabinets are ‘build to suit’ and are built using quality materials that will last. Custom cabinets are built by local cabinet makers like I&S Joinery using the best joinery techniques and have superior hardware that offers lots of conveniences as well as durability. The joint construction of custom cabinets are of some type of ‘dovetail’ and/or ‘finger joining’ that interlocks the wood parts together to act as a whole and give strength to the cabinets, even though they are glued as well. Finishes are almost endless. With staining, pickling, faux and ‘stressing’, you can come up with some handsome looking cabinets that are hard to come by unlike those off-the-shelf types.

To sum it up, you may end up paying a little more for custom made kitchen cabinets over off-the-shelf, but the end result cannot be compared. Custom cabinets are the way to go if you want the best looking cabinets built with the best materials using the best joinery and cabinet making techniques. Contact I&S Joinery today to discuss your kitchen cabinet project.

Contact I&S Joinery today to see how a custom designed piece of joinery can help you maximise your space while adding value to your home.

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