Sleek Modern Living Room & Entertainment Unit Design

A modern house needs a modern living room. A place to relax and watch TV after a long day at work. A stylish, comfortable space for when your friends are over for a weekend get together. With all the storage and modern conveniences for those rainy school holidays where your kids just want to sit in front of their video games all day.

When we design your living room we make sure it reflects how you use it. We’ll tailor it to your requirements, whether you need entertainment units for a TV, games consoles and sound systems or storage and shelving suitable for your equipment, DVDs, books and family photos.

Need Help with Ideas for Your Living Room?

Whether you already know the style you are after or need help settling on a modern living room idea, I&S Joinery will be able to help. We are comfortable either providing suggestions or turning your ideas into warm inviting designs with the necessary storage and space for your furniture.

This ensures that you end up with a modern living room suitable to your needs, personality and other home décor.

Exquisite, Custom Entertainment Units

Your entertainment equipment usually forms the centrepiece of your living room. A quality, custom made entertainment unit completes the look and feel of a modern living room. By providing the perfect fit for your equipment and available space you achieve an eye-catching, contemporary design that fits seamlessly into your home’s décor. You can seamlessly store all your gadgets and equipment, hide unsightly cabling and ergonomically display your TV and speakers.

When you need modern living room fittings and entertainment units call I&S Joinery on (03) 9311 1099. We have the bespoke, contemporary design for your living room.