Find the Ultimate Modern Kitchen Design

Searching for a sleek and stylish contemporary kitchen? Do you prefer the clean, solid lines and neutral colour palates central to modern kitchen design? Do minimalistic designs that are light on clutter and heavy on innovative storage solutions appeal to you?

At I&S Joinery we are dedicated to bringing you kitchen designs that you’ll love. Especially the efficient, functional and stylish layouts that are fundamental to modern kitchen design. We keep current with the most recent design trends and stylings for kitchen interiors, meaning we can create the polished, simple kitchen that is right for you.

Complete Contemporary and Modern Kitchen Designs

I&S Joinery understands that there is no one-size-fits-all kitchen. Creating a quality modern kitchen design with convenient fixtures requires careful design, planning and dedicated joinery services. Ultimately we aim to build you a quality modern kitchen that creates effortless organisation and storage with crisp, understated charm.

Your modern kitchen design will have all the advanced features you expect in a contemporary kitchen:

  • Sleek, durable materials
  • Simple, bold colour schemes
  • Eye-catching fixtures
  • Patterned back-splashes
  • Flat panel cabinetry and door styles
  • Streamlines and repetition in design

Contemporary vs. Modern Kitchen Design

Although the terms modern and contemporary appear to be interchangeable, in kitchen design they usually mean two distinct types:

  • Contemporary kitchens are for the most part trendy and current. Containing all the recent stylings and design principles. However, contemporary often contains innovative or vintage accents, reinvigorating older styles and combining them in novel ways
  • Modern kitchens are a distinct style of kitchen, with principles established after the industrial revolution doing away with older vintage touches such as wood finishes. These kitchens utilise open plans and often are combined in a space with the dining room and other areas.

Looking for a contemporary or modern kitchen? Need a design for a sleek, crisp modern home? Contact I&S Joinery on (03) 9311 1099 or enquire online to discuss what we can do for you.