Kitchen Doors makes the biggest statement in your kitchen, as it is usually the first thing that anybody sees.

Among the most commonly used kitchen door materials, thermolaminated vinyl doors seem to be the most intelligent choice.

First, here are the other choices for kitchen doors:

For the low kitchen budget range, you have the melamine doors (low pressure laminate), which are created by using resin to bond layers of paper to a substrate under low pressure. It is tough, durable, economical and easy to clean.

For the mid kitchen budget range, you have the high pressure laminate doors, which are created under heat and pressure. The outcomes are glossy and durable doors.

Also under this range are the highly recommended thermolaminated vinyl doors, which are made of resin and paper, bonded under very high pressure. These doors can be fully profiled and come in a variety of colors and finishes such as matte, textured, gloss, ash grain and timber print. The smooth moulded edges on each thermolaminated vinyl door reduce the danger of edges catching or chipping. The tough thermoformed surface makes it resistant to chips and scratches. Your kitchen door will remain a showpiece for years to come.

For additional choices, there are also polyurethane doors, which have a painted finish and come in high gloss or satin finishes. The door is painted, buffed and baked repeatedly which results in its ultra-smooth hand-finished appearance.

There are also the timber veneer doors, which combine the warm aesthetics of timber with the durability oh high moisture-resistant board. This door style is ideal when you want to achieve the warmth and texture of natural timber in your kitchen.

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