Cabinet types: Which is best for you? There are a few basic types of cabinets to choose from, which can be used in any room. Cabinets are not only useful to have; they are also a great way to highlight the aesthetics of a room, however, not all cabinets are constructed of the same materials. To help you decide which cabinets are best for you, let’s take a look at the different kinds of cabinets that are available.

Cabinet Types: Which Is Best for You?

Wall Mounted Cabinets – This type of cabinet is ideally used in the kitchen and pantry areas of a house, however, wall mounted cabinets are often found in garages and in bedrooms.

Base Mounted Cabinets – This is the most common type of cabinet. When people think of cabinets, the picture of a base mounted cabinet type comes to mind. These types can be placed anywhere inside or outside your home, and can be easily custom made to meet specific height and depth requirements.

Tall Mounted Cabinets – This cabinet type is usually placed in pantries and garage areas. They are ideal places to store long or tall tools, mops and brooms.

Specialty Design Cabinets – Specialty designed cabinets are special. Any space between wall mounted cabinets and base mounted cabinets can be used to install a custom made cabinet. Specialty designed cabinets can be placed on corners of walls, a counter or between counter-tops.

Quality Grades of Cabinets

Stock Cabinets – This is the most common type of cabinet available. They are mass produced to fit in existing spaces and cannot be altered; however, they are an ideal economic choice. And, stock cabinets can be installed in a very short amount of time.

Semi-Custom Cabinets – Considering all the cabinet types: Which one is best for you? For many homeowners and home decorators, semi-custom cabinets have the widest selection of style and material to work with. Semi-custom cabinets can be altered by professional craftsmen to increase their depth in necessary, and their features can be personalized to make them look 100% customized.

Custom Mounted Cabinets – Still looking for the ideal cabinet types: Which one is best for you? Set your eyes on custom made cabinets. With this type of cabinet, any design and size is possible. These are one-of-a-kind cabinets and you will need to have an experienced cabinet maker help you with your design ideas to produce them. What are the best things about custom mounted cabinets? They can be made to fit any space in your home or office.

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